Black Wine

Black Wine
Photo by Allison Pense

Saturday, January 12, 2013



Sorry we've been out of touch.

We have some shows and plans and stuff you may be interested in! And if you aren't interested, have you ever heard of lying? Sometimes honesty is NOT the best policy!

Here's some shows!

Jan 18th at Roxy and Dukes w/The Dead and Gone, Jared Hart of The Scandals, Speak Easy & Atlas

Feb 1st at the Warren Legion Hall w/ Not The Bees, Brick Mower, and Killed by the Bull
Feb 9th at MHOW w/Screaming Females, Stormshadow, Shellshag, and Home Blitz
Feb 16th Stanhope House w/ TBA
Feb 17th at Kung Fu Necktie w/ Great Thunder

check us out on twitter @BLACKWINEBAND

and facebook:

Also this summer we are going to be touring out to CHICAGO AND BACK, and TO GEORGIA AND BACK. Probably OTHER PLACES AND BACK too.

Biggest news is us trying to get to the UK in Jan 2014. Someone out there likes us and that is more than enough reason for us.

I promise to be better at this!