Black Wine

Black Wine
Photo by Allison Pense

Tuesday, June 3, 2014



Our record "Yell Boss" is coming out in late August on Don Giovanni Records. We have a tour to the midwest and back to support it. We also have some sweet shows all summer long so if you can manage to get off your ass, please do because it has been a while and frankly...we are not getting any younger.

Here's a list of shows!

June 6th- Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park with Diarrhea Planet
June 26th- Lulu's, Brooklyn with Young Leaves
July 5th-Silent Barn, Brooklyn with Grand Pantrymen and Chris Gethard
July 14th- Circuit City, New Brunswick with Street Eaters
August 1st -EJ's in Seaside, NJ with After the Burn
August 22- Death By Audio, Brooklyn with Nuclear Santa Claust

Aug 23-30th TOUR! (more info to come)

8/23  Pittsburgh, PA
8/24 Cincy, OH
8/25 Chicago, IL
8/26 Bloomington, IN
8/27 Lexington, KY
8/28 Charlotte, NC
8/29 Richmond, VA
8/30 Baltimore, MD

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hey everybody!


Also here's some shows.

This weekend we got these! 2 all ages shows! (all ages guys. even our age: the stone age. hey-ooo!)

Friday 2/21

 Linden Elks lodge with brick mower, Have a Good Season
The Grand Pantrymen Traveling Yard Sale Band (from NY)
Reverse Peristalsis

heres the FB invite

6 BUX bands at 8 PM
Sunday 2/23 

All ages matinee! WHAT??? THOSE STILL HAPPEN!?? THEY DO. 
The Crossroads in Garwood with Eastern Anchors and several other bands such as the Extras and the Grains!

Only 8 BUX

Bands start at 2 pm 
All door $ goes to the bands!
Here's the fb invite

Saturday 3/8

at the Millhill Basement with Radical Discharge 
FB invite

Thursday, February 6, 2014


We will record an album at Volume IV with some mean dude named Buckets.
We will release an album titled "Yell Boss."
We will have Allison Pense take pictures of us while Marissa tells us to "look sadder."
We will have Marissa do art for said album.
We will play the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Feb 8th with brick mower, Screaming Females, Priests and California X.
We will practice.
We will be best friends with all our favorite celebrities.
We will learn how to make more interesting lists.
We will tour the ENTIRE US with our buds brick mower.
We will drink fancy beer and be snobby about it.
We will also drink crappy beer when we are on tour because we cannot afford fancy beer.

oooh.  that list gave me chills, man.