Black Wine

Black Wine
Photo by Allison Pense

Friday, August 30, 2013

There are things. And there are MORE things.

Hey so I wanted to quickly tell you guys about shows and happenings and whatnot.

First off...'member how we were gonna have a Halloween 7" ready for this Halloween? Well unfortunately we couldn't make it happen. The reason why is that no matter how early we recorded it and had it ready with art and stuff...we would just never be able to get it out in time for this October because apparently the turnaround for pressing records is incredibly slow right now.

BUT! We are still going to record it, possibly on the actual night of Halloween just to add to the actual creepiness! And then next Halloween it'll be out for real. So still gonna happen, just not this year.

ALSO!! We are writing our next LP and hoping to record it this winter...and Brian Buckets is gonna do the damn thing! The Volume IV space is fucking awesome. We're stoked. As heck. 

Heres some shows that you should come to:

Sept 5th at the Asbury Lanes with the AMAZING PSYCHIC TEENS FROM PHILLY! Also our besties brick mower and the rad Knights Templar will be there. yay-uh!

Sept 7th at Boyd Park in New Brunswick (an outdoor event that will feel like its some weird euro
festival) with California X (which look like a band of Evan Dandos...I'm going to try and convince them to change their name to "band o' dandos") again our favorites brick mower and our local heroes Screaming Females.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What is it like being the "mosh" instigator?


So...We have a few things to tell you. First: Your life is a lie. Wait I'm sorry...

OK lets start over: WE ARE RECORDING AGAIN IN LATE SUMMER! We are in the process of learning some cover songs that chill us (and hopefully you) to the damn CORE. And then we are going to release them as a Hallowe'en 7 inch. Yes, it is cool. We thought so too.

AND THEN MORE RECORDING. The 4th LP is in being written and hopefully will be released by next spring. We are super excited and hope you are too.

Here's some shows that we have coming up in July and August!

7/12 Maxwells w/ Life Eaters, The Everymen, and The Brooklyn What

7/18 Court Tavern w/ Noun, Zero for Conduct, and Risk Relay

8/4 Linden Elks Lodge w/ TBA

8/22 Cooler Ranch w/ Kicking Spit

8/23 DBA w/ Kicking Spit

Hope to see you at some of these. <3 <3 <3

-Bee Dubs

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

HEY! Pics! and new shows coming up.

Here are some pictures that our awesome friend Justin Fullam took. He and his wife Daniela are the founders of the amazing art extravaganza "Little Punk People." Justin sings in the rad band, Killed By The Bull and his own project Hawkins. Super talented and super nice. Heres the pixxx.

AND here are upcoming shows!

Mar 15th at the Court Tavern w/Human Adult Band, Harpoon Forever, and Garcia Peoples
Mar 23rd at CAKESHOP w/ Lauren Measure, Hilly Eye, and Nuclear Santa Claust
May 10th at Death By Audio. Music and Comedy!! Dave Hill, Swearin, Chris Gethard, and 1 TBA
May 17th and 18th TREASURE FEST!! w/ brick mower and like a million others


Until next time. Stay cool
-Bee Dubs

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saturday night ruled.

Hey everyone. Just wanted to say thanks so much for this weekends love-fest. We totally had theeee best time and, as always, were so inspired by our fellow DG bands.

Real  quick... some shows coming up:

<3 Feb 17th at Kung Fu Necktie in Philly, PA. W/ Nuclear Santa Claust, Radiator Hospital, and 1  TBA

<3 Mar 2nd at Cooler Ranch, New Brunswick with Young Leaves and Brick Mower

<3 March 23rd at Cakeshop NYC with Lauren Measure, Hilly Eye, and Nuclear Santa Claust

<3 May 10th at Death By Audio, Brooklyn with Dave Hill (a rad comedian) and several other       bands/comedians TBA

We'll keep you updated with happenings and goings-on.

Happy Valentines Day!

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Saturday, January 12, 2013



Sorry we've been out of touch.

We have some shows and plans and stuff you may be interested in! And if you aren't interested, have you ever heard of lying? Sometimes honesty is NOT the best policy!

Here's some shows!

Jan 18th at Roxy and Dukes w/The Dead and Gone, Jared Hart of The Scandals, Speak Easy & Atlas

Feb 1st at the Warren Legion Hall w/ Not The Bees, Brick Mower, and Killed by the Bull
Feb 9th at MHOW w/Screaming Females, Stormshadow, Shellshag, and Home Blitz
Feb 16th Stanhope House w/ TBA
Feb 17th at Kung Fu Necktie w/ Great Thunder

check us out on twitter @BLACKWINEBAND

and facebook:

Also this summer we are going to be touring out to CHICAGO AND BACK, and TO GEORGIA AND BACK. Probably OTHER PLACES AND BACK too.

Biggest news is us trying to get to the UK in Jan 2014. Someone out there likes us and that is more than enough reason for us.

I promise to be better at this!