Black Wine

Black Wine
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Monday, January 10, 2011

brick mower weekend 1/7 thru 1/9

best time!! we love this band so much. there were a few surreal doppleganger moments that blew my mind, but that only enhanced my appreciation of the good times!!

philly (the banana stand) was friday night and after wrestling with the fact that our van was indeed NOT FIXED we decided to just take the car. which wound up being fine and less expensive in the long run. we played in the smokiest basement of all time. we opened the door and there was a cloud of smoke like someone had recently done some sort of magic trick. kristen mower astutely noted that "there was a lot of smoke, one was smoking." so it just hung there ominously for no reason. we missed most of the bands including brick mower because of van troubles. everyone at the banana stand was very nice though. afterwards we hung out with perry and jarrett and their cool roommates. and nacho, the greatest cat (besides all my cats past and present) that ever lived.

we played baltimore on saturday at the new charm city art space. which ruled btw. before the show we had the opportunity to bore dan bress almost to tears. he told us some good stories about being nude in the hopes of animating us dolts but failed miserably. hes a good guy and everyone in the free world finds him attractive. the show itself was really amazing: crimes are a new fave for sure. their songs were well written and very driven. jake from backpocket is the drummer and a fine one at that. exciting and solid. brick mower of course were so awesome. their songs are catchy, delivered in a really genuine way, and are a really great representation of their personalities. it feels personal, in other words.
head home as always displayed their prodigious musical talent through well put together and exciting songs. they're a sweet blend of several excellent bands.

sunday night was home with the always crazy rso (playing their last nj show) and young leaves (amazing dudes with amazing tunes from mass.) another great show! sheesh! marissa female and joe steinhardt were there as well. it was fun to play for them in a basement. i feel like i see them only at big shows as of late. this was more relaxed and fun. marissa made fun of me for talking a lot to rso during their set. fair enough. i can be loud sometimes :)

i wanna say 2 more things: 1) I love new brunswick for the fact that the ladies participate actively and are genuine in their support of one another and also other females getting in on it and participating. I cannot say that this is always how its been, but its how it is now and I fucking appreciate the SHIT out if it. It makes me euphoric. So thanks, buds!!
2) brick mower feel like bffs. like we should play lots of shows together and be a thing. its just cool is all. and i wanted to say it!

many hearts,

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