Black Wine

Black Wine
Photo by Allison Pense

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saturday night ruled.

Hey everyone. Just wanted to say thanks so much for this weekends love-fest. We totally had theeee best time and, as always, were so inspired by our fellow DG bands.

Real  quick... some shows coming up:

<3 Feb 17th at Kung Fu Necktie in Philly, PA. W/ Nuclear Santa Claust, Radiator Hospital, and 1  TBA

<3 Mar 2nd at Cooler Ranch, New Brunswick with Young Leaves and Brick Mower

<3 March 23rd at Cakeshop NYC with Lauren Measure, Hilly Eye, and Nuclear Santa Claust

<3 May 10th at Death By Audio, Brooklyn with Dave Hill (a rad comedian) and several other       bands/comedians TBA

We'll keep you updated with happenings and goings-on.

Happy Valentines Day!

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