Black Wine

Black Wine
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What is it like being the "mosh" instigator?


So...We have a few things to tell you. First: Your life is a lie. Wait I'm sorry...

OK lets start over: WE ARE RECORDING AGAIN IN LATE SUMMER! We are in the process of learning some cover songs that chill us (and hopefully you) to the damn CORE. And then we are going to release them as a Hallowe'en 7 inch. Yes, it is cool. We thought so too.

AND THEN MORE RECORDING. The 4th LP is in being written and hopefully will be released by next spring. We are super excited and hope you are too.

Here's some shows that we have coming up in July and August!

7/12 Maxwells w/ Life Eaters, The Everymen, and The Brooklyn What

7/18 Court Tavern w/ Noun, Zero for Conduct, and Risk Relay

8/4 Linden Elks Lodge w/ TBA

8/22 Cooler Ranch w/ Kicking Spit

8/23 DBA w/ Kicking Spit

Hope to see you at some of these. <3 <3 <3

-Bee Dubs

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