Black Wine

Black Wine
Photo by Allison Pense

Friday, August 30, 2013

There are things. And there are MORE things.

Hey so I wanted to quickly tell you guys about shows and happenings and whatnot.

First off...'member how we were gonna have a Halloween 7" ready for this Halloween? Well unfortunately we couldn't make it happen. The reason why is that no matter how early we recorded it and had it ready with art and stuff...we would just never be able to get it out in time for this October because apparently the turnaround for pressing records is incredibly slow right now.

BUT! We are still going to record it, possibly on the actual night of Halloween just to add to the actual creepiness! And then next Halloween it'll be out for real. So still gonna happen, just not this year.

ALSO!! We are writing our next LP and hoping to record it this winter...and Brian Buckets is gonna do the damn thing! The Volume IV space is fucking awesome. We're stoked. As heck. 

Heres some shows that you should come to:

Sept 5th at the Asbury Lanes with the AMAZING PSYCHIC TEENS FROM PHILLY! Also our besties brick mower and the rad Knights Templar will be there. yay-uh!

Sept 7th at Boyd Park in New Brunswick (an outdoor event that will feel like its some weird euro
festival) with California X (which look like a band of Evan Dandos...I'm going to try and convince them to change their name to "band o' dandos") again our favorites brick mower and our local heroes Screaming Females.


  1. Halloween Album! Boys becoming men! Men becoming wolves!

    Are you going to do it in a haunted house and chant fake Latin?

    1. We were ACTUALLY planning on going to fake haunted house but learning REAL Latin and then chanting it with a Scottish accent.